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A Promise Kept

God promised a new church home in our 2nd year. Our first service in the new church will be 2 years to the day of God's promise. That's God!

You're invited to partner in what God is doing. Sowing a financial seed into God's house of miracles will return a mighty harvest into your life. 

Can God do this without us? Sure He can, but then we miss the blessing of being a blessing. Whether you've been blessed by our ministry in person or online, we invite you to reap an abundant harvest of God's good measure by partnering with us. Relocation and renovation costs are $100,000 and we invite you to pray about giving generously. 

Our team is ready to flip 6,000 sqft into the vision God gave us. 
Please pray about giving toward our goal of $100,000.
Five Stones Church serves the DFW Metro area and a global online presence. 

You can partner with us in this miracle of promise and faith by sowing a financial seed. 
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