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Get The Hell Out Of Church: To Tithe, Give or Neither

Get The Hell Out Of Church

No money - No problems / Big money - Big problems.

💰Who believes this? The truth is money doesn’t cause problems or pleasure. It’s what you do with, feel about, and attach value to that creates action. Money doesn’t have feelings. It does not care about you either way, but oh does it lure you into seductive relationships.

Mo Money

💰Satan delights in our unhealthy attachment to money. One of the most basic things Christians can and should do is to give charitably. Recently, The Nazarene Fund collected twenty-eight million dollars in just days to rescue people out of Afghanistan. That’s twenty-eight million dollars willingly donated through charitable giving with zero government or institutionalized church involvement.

💰Satan makes money messy because of its bipolar potential for good and bad. That’s why he keeps God’s people confounded about how much to give, where to give, when to give and what should be done with that which is given. In that cloud of frustration, good people stop giving charitably altogether.