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Snickering As Sodom Smolders: Mask, Vax, and Attacks Against Humanity

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Would you have snickered as Sodom and Gomorrah smoldered? That's a tough question to answer honestly - I mean honestly answered, and not the façade we present to ensure the social media gods (very little “g”) see us in a favorable light.

I mean really, they were given the choice to get their act together or face utter destruction if they choose to continue living in the evil darkness of debauchery and sin. They kinda got what they asked for, right?


Just to make us feel better about finding a slice of joy at their peril, Abraham tried his best to negotiate a plea deal on behalf of them sinners. Would God spare all if there were only 50 righteous people? Okay, how about 45? He kept pressing his luck as he bartered God down to 35 and 30 and 20 and finally 10 (Genesis 18:16-33).

There had to be at least 10 good Christian folks around, right? FYI - Lot was the only one. Yep, 9 less than the agreed upon 10. So maybe it was best to burn it all down, right?

I’ll confess that my heart is conflicted between praying for the Portland area versus idly watching as