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Imperfect Dads, One Perfect Father: Encouraging Men Through the Journey of Fatherhood

Want to be a better father? Four dads have come together to create a powerfully honest and insightful guide for men who sincerely want to improve relationships with their kids. Many men struggle with strained connections with their own dad, or the effects of having grown up without a male role model. This imperfect model of fatherhood has left a generation of dads without the foundation for raising their own kids.

The authors share their uniquely diverse perspectives and personal experiences to show that no matter who you are, how you grew up or what your current situation is, you can always look to the one perfect example of fatherhood to guide you into sharing the best relationship you’ve ever had with your kids. God the Father created the gift of being a dad, and it’s through His very own example that we learn not the best way, but the only way to be dad. If you’re not the dad you thought you’d be at this point in life or if you’re looking to up your game in the dad department, Imperfect Dads, One Perfect Father will encourage men through the journey of fatherhood.

Imperfect Dads, One Perfect Father: Encouraging Men

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