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Welcome to Life After Divorce—
We’re proud of you for taking the necessary steps in caring for yourself. This is no time to feel guilty about making sure you’re okay. We want you to know that you're going to be better than okay because you’ll be making decisions based on timeless advice and Biblical principles. We have both survived the soul-shattering trauma of divorce, but we also know the beauty of second chances once healing is achieved. Walk with us through the process and into the light of recovery.

Surviving divorce, reclaiming your worth, and rebuilding life is as challenging as it is a wonderful opportunity to see God’s will at work. Leah and I know what it feels like to hit the dark and bumpy patches of life, but we thank God for being a redeeming God of second chances.

Divorce is a difficult topic, and it’s possible you’re still going through the process or struggling with the aftermath. We felt led to reach out in these times because we’ve not only been there, but we both wish there’d been someone or something like this book to offer us straight truths in turbulent times.
 We’re not going to sugarcoat it, or encourage you to say sweet things about yourself in a mirror.

Is divorce God’s plan for family? Of course not. A healthy, nuclear family is what He wants for us. But there have been many families in the bible that didn’t meet God’s plan, still He extended grace and blessed them because they sought His heart. And better yet, God used these “less than ideal” families like theirs and ours to build His kingdom. 
We want to encourage you that through God’s love and your faithfulness, it is possible to find healing, hope, and happiness post-divorce.

Our F-A-I-T-H model for recovery to romance provides practical steps and biblical truths for the season of transitioning from defeat to victory. 
Although you may feel like it, you’re not alone. The next time you’re in church, look around and you’ll see many believers who have been divorced or who are remarried with blended families. While most churches have a heart for the hurting, few provide the direct support to the divorced, or those remarrying and blending families. The effects of those divorces extend beyond single parents, as studies show thirty-five percent of children from divorced parents leave the church all together. 

We’re not theologians. We’re people just like you, who love God, but who make mistakes. We’ve endured the tragedy of divorce and know without fail that Christ has blessed us with each other. Now, we want to help and encourage others by sharing our journey. 

There is always hope,

Scott and Leah Silverii

Life After Divorce: Finding Light In Life’s Darkest Season

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