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"Uncuffed might be the most important book ever written specifically to help marriages in the law enforcement community. Crafted with tremendous transparency, raw honesty, practical application and a level of grit that could only be possible through their own harrowing experiences, our friends Scott and Leah Silverii have created a masterpiece that will undoubtedly help marriages everywhere. If you are a First Responder or married to one, this book will be a game-changer for your marriage!"-Dave and Ashley Willis, Authors of The Naked Marriage and Hosts of The Naked Marriage Podcast

Uncuffed: Bulletproofing the Law Enforcement Marriage is for America's hero couples.

Marriage can be tough. But being married to a law enforcement professional can be tougher. You can have a rock solid marriage, but it takes work to bulletproof your relationship with marital Kevlar. This book will show you how to succeed in your LEO marriage. Getting the promotions are up to you.

Chief Scott Silverii and his wife, Leah, are the founders of Blue Marriage who counsel couples through the challenges threatening blue relationships. They also share time-tested truths and the potential for balancing the high-risk life of serving the public with the intimate connections for a healthy marriage.

Blue Marriages Matter

Uncuffed: Bulletproofing the Law Enforcement Marriage

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