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Summer of Love Date Nights 

Our Wednesday night series includes relationship talks by Pastor Scott and Leah Silverii!
Summer Date Nights run from 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM (June 5 to July 31)

Here’s how it works:

Check the kids in at 6:15 and grab a coffee before heading into the main area of the building.

Pastor Scott and Leah will host a fast-paced thirty-minute lesson on Rock-Solid Relationships.

This faith-based series covers marriage, blended families, in-laws who act like outlaws and practical information for you to thrive as a family.

Afterward, you’ve got a little over an hour to enjoy a nice dinner with your spouse!

We’ll watch your kids while you go on a date night!

(Make sure you pick up your kids after your date!)

Don’t have kids?

Marriage is still important and weekly, summer dates nights are the perfect start to an amazing evening.

After the active time of fun learning, keep the date night going. You don't have kids to pick up!

Registration includes marriage book and workbook, eight-weeks of fun get togethers, child care, a vow renewal ceremony and graduation celebration. Suppers are not included in registration. 

Register (1).png
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