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God Is Unity: Why is the Church Terrible at Unity? Increase Faith By Sticking Together in Community

Let’s Stay Together Five Stones Church Service Sermon

– Welcome to our Housewarming Celebration.

-The miracle is in God’s provision for a location where His power and blessings will manifest in growing His kingdom.

-The miracle is for everyone who put their faith to work over the short weeks to transform this space into church where the Body of Christ can gather to praise Him.

– The miracle is in you who were stirred by the Holy Spirit to be here today.

-The miracle is in coming together with other believers to celebrate Team Jesus. Coming together is the miracle and it doesn’t matter WHERE we meet. It’s just important THAT we meet. And because we have committed TO meet, God our Father has blessed us all with a place to connect. We are planting a connected community. Connection is vital. NOT good at is STAYING TOGETHER.